The Brazilian Collection of Environmental and Industrial Microorganisms- CBMAI offers specialized services in the field of microbiology to meet the demands of academia and industry, specifically regarding the deposit, distribution, typing, identification and taxonomic characterization of microorganisms. We invite you to know the main services offered by CBMAI:


The Brazilian Collection of Environmental and Industrial Microorganisms (CBMAI), located at CPQBA / UNICAMP, offers a diverse collection of microbial strains (bacteria, archaea, filamentous fungi and yeasts) to the scientific and industrial communities, to be used in research, testing, assays and production of enzymes and other metabolites.

CBMAI team has experience in isolation, counting, taxonomic characterization and identification of microorganisms of environmental origin, raw materials and industrial contaminants. Molecular methods such as fingerprint (RAPD), DNA sequencing, and phylogenetic studies, which allow rapid identification of fungi and bacteria, are complemented by conventional characterization methods. In addition, large-scale DNA sequencing is also employed for the studies of applied microbiology, microbial ecology and genomes of microorganisms.