Isolation and counting

Based on samples of the environment, raw materials and industrialized products, CBMAI performs the following services:

• Count (CFU / mL) of microorganisms (bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts);

• Isolation of microorganisms using the pouring plate or by spreading plate methods, as well as the incubation conditions indicated for each microorganism.

If the client is interested, the isolated microorganisms can be deposited at CBMAI, upon previous request to the Collection.

The client should send an e-mail to or to the Collection curator, Dr. Derlene Attili de Angelis (, containing the service request, the name of the Institution / Company with which you are affiliated and the telephone number.

A service provision contract (via email) will be forwarded. This document must be completed and signed by the person responsible and returned by e-mail.

Only after receiving the signed document can we receive the sample to perform the service.