Cultures Distribution

CBMAI provides microbial strains to public and private institutions that have infrastructure and specialized personnel for handling microorganisms. For safety and public health reasons, strains cannot be sent to private addresses.

In the case of the requested culture belonging to the national genetic heritage, the Material Transfer Term (TTM) must be signed by the applicant and returned to CBMAI by mail.

In specific cases of biohazardous strains 2, the request must include a brief explanation of the intended use for the requested material signed by the applicant and / or qualified and authorized professional to handle the required strain. Also, the “Term of agreement of the client for risk group 2 (TCC)” assuming the risks and responsibilities associated with the receipt, handling, storage and use of the microorganisms / material in question. CBMAI will check if the applicant complies with the necessary rules for receiving and handling the biohazard microorganism 2. The culture is sent by courier, in appropriate packaging, and paid for by the applicant. The applicant can also remove the strain.

The sending of strains of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the country is carried out only to laboratories accredited by CTNBio, suitable for the classification of the material. In this case, the number of the Biosafety Quality Certificate – CQB of the laboratory must be informed when requesting the material.

The CBMAI cultures (strains) will be distributed in the form of lyophilized ampoules, or alternatively, in the form of active peal.

The acquisition of CBMAI cultures available to public access can only be made after signing the Service Contract, as well as the TTM. In case the culture belongs to risk group 2, the client’s agreement term – TCC, must also be signed.

To purchase a culture, please contact us by e-mail ( or