Identification and Typing

CBMAI provides services for the characterization and identification of microorganisms (bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts), based on the integration of molecular taxonomy data (RAPD, DNA sequencing and genetic distance analysis) and conventional taxonomy data (morphological characteristics). Independent cultivation methods are used to characterize microbial diversity by large-scale sequencing.

Taxonomic characterization and / or identification can only be carried out after signing the Service Contract. To this end, the client must send an email to oor to the collection curator, Dra. Derlene Attili de Angelis (, containing the request for the service of interest, the name of the Institution / Company with which you are affiliated and the telephone number.

After receiving the signed document, we will be able to receive the culture (s) for identification. About shipping: the culture may be in a disposable plate or Falcon tube, provided they are well packed in bubble wrap, triple layer.